Transform the queuing experience into an opportunity for all


The easier it is for your visitors to join the queue, the more inclined they will be to.

No download needed

Visitors have neither the time nor the will to bother with yet another app they will barely use.


Update your visitors in real-time about their queue status through their preferred contact means: email, SMS, messenger application, webpage.

Fully Customizable

Guarantee the privacy your visitors aspire to while adhering to the regulations in place

Collect data in a GDPR compliant way

Brand the experience to your requirements.


Reach your visitors in their preferred language.


Time flies, we make sure it’s used efficiently

AI powered wait estimates

Real time estimates of the expected & remaining queue time.

Shorter wait

Staff & visitor benefit from an optimized process thus drastically decreasing wait time.

Safer, Fairer, Healthier

Customers want a better waiting experience and are ready to spend more at the brands who value their time & safety.


Health & safety is an ever more present concern. Kiminoban offers a touchless experience so that your staff & visitors can always feel safe.

Kiosk or concierge registration

Whether your visitors want a guided experience or feel comfortable in a self-service process, Kiminoban offers you the choice.