Schedule appointments, avoid the queue.

Personalized experience with appointments.

In a post-pandemic world, consumers will continue coming back to retailers that make them feel safe and secure. Appointment equips you with the means to make this a reality for your customers.

Choose When & Where

Create as many custom calendars as you need, guarantee punctuality and increase attendance rate.

Increase & optimize traffic

Ensure your space is always at its best occupancy rate. Divert bursts of traffic to calmer times of the day or provide reserved time slots to VIPs.

Maximize Opportunities

Empower your floor staff to accurately tally, qualify & enrich visitor data in seconds.

Increase conversion rate

Give your visitors the attention they need & desire while allowing your teams to be fully involved in the interaction, thus providing an unequaled experience.

Understand the visitor journey

Follow your visitor from intent to buying through the integration with Count, Queue & Analytics.