Accurately tally, qualify & enrich visitor data in seconds.

KYC Starts Here

Empower your floor staff to generate the data your business needs.

Record new visits in an instant

Choose which parameters to track, generate accurate & shareable reports & forecasts.

Enrich profiles

Get a clear picture of who is a customer and who is not to maximize your real conversion rate.

Privacy First

Guarantee the privacy your visitors aspire to while adhering to the regulations in place

Collect data in a GDPR compliant way

Data is safely collected and stored in the cloud according to GDPR regulations

Set data retention policies

Choose where the data will be stored and how long it will be kept

Ease of use

Intuitive interface accessible through a website or mobile app.

Set up in minutes

No lengthy training required, adjust the parameters from your admin page and see the changes immediately.

All the features in a single place

Access Count, Queue, Appointment and your admin settings all from the same webpage or mobile app

Make it Count

Leverage the data gathered to generate insights, reports and forecasts.

Connect to your POS

Kiminoban integrates smoothly with CEGID and all the major POS systems

Connect to your CRM for deep & accurate reporting

Link the data directly to your CRM to guarantee fast & accurate reporting